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Devoid and Deveil

Devoid and Deveil

Chris Carrillo


Devoid and Deveil, Dark Couture Fashion, was founded in (2009) by Chris Carrillo.

Better put, Devoid and Deveil was born out of necessity.  During Chris’ high school years his personal and unique fashion style was Goth-influenced.  He preferred Goth because of its beauty of dark, romantic and sometimes mysterious style. But Indiana retailers weren’t quick to embrace the Gothic fashion.  His shopping choices were limited to one retailer whose idea of Gothic clothing catered to trend-seekers or bordered on a costume shop.  It was during this time that he decided to pursue fashion design.  He wanted to create the opportunity to purchase beautiful, dark, couture pieces that express each person’s uniqueness.  During and immediately after earning his Bachelor’s Degree from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago he dedicated his time, energy and money in researching, creating, defining and growing his unique brand. Chris has partnered with smart, beautiful and talented models; creative photographers whose lens express Chris’ artistic statement; and amazing make-up artists with a keen sense of artistic ability.  Along the way, he has networked with magazine publishers, charity organizers and event coordinators.  Chris is proud that Devoid and Deveil has been showcased in numerous fashion magazines, music videos, fashion runways from Chicago to New York, worn by an Olympic Ice Skater, and donned at the Latin Grammy Awards by a Grammy nominee. 

Today, Chris continues to explore new design techniques to express his client’s visions, while not shying away from his own personal vision.  He loves working with natural, synthetic and mix fabrics as well as animal hide, but he loves to express himself through the use of unconventional materials.  Chris’ work is very personal and ever evolving.

Chris’ favorite clientele are local clients wanting a unique and couture piece designed to complement their body and reflect their best self. 

Each Devoid and Deveil garment is a testimony to Chris’ talent.