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A new platform for top Latinx designers

Join us for RUNWAY LATINx – Your Fashion Week

Runway Latinx (RLx)  has created a platform that allows local designers and vendors as well as those in the fashion industry to express their creativity and expand their market- without limits. The event showcases top Latinx designers from around the world.

Produced by Arabel Alva Rosales, J.D., who has been a co-founder of Latino Fashion Week (LFW) for the last twelve years. This year’s theme, The Phoenix, also exemplifies Arabel’s forward transformation with RLx, which will now be in place of the former LFW.  Latinx is a term that is more inclusive and considered gender neutral.The multi-day branded entertainment environment provides opportunities for fashion designers and sponsors to come face-to-face with celebrities, musical talents, media, and major consumers.

Get ready for RUNWAY LATINx Chicago 2019, hosted by Arabel AlvaRosales!

RUNWAY LATINx 2019 celebrates “The Phoenix”

Transforming and Elevating Fashion

Join us Thursday, October 3rd through Saturday, October 5th for “The Phoenix” Fashion event at the Space Stage Studios in Chicago, IL. Join over an estimated 5,000 people throughout the weekend to transform and elevate fashion. Participation of most major media and Spanish TV stations; Newspapers; Social Media Event and Fashion Bloggers supporting the event; including the largest community-based organizations as supporters. 


Thank you to our sponsors!


Participating Sponsors

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