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David Moreno, 45 years old, was born and raised in Chicago’s Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods. David has been designing and actively involved in fashion since about the age of 7.  He enjoyed sketching and learned sewing skills from his mother, Amparo Gonzalez, who became the head seamstress in 1982 for The Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago. At an early age he was exposed to a variety of fashions, from the company’s costumes that involved authentic and colorful wardrobe to the modern high fashion that was in style at that time. David also engaged in fanatically watching Mexican “novelas” typically known as soap operas. He cared little for the storyline, but instead paid close attention at what the actresses wore during each episode.

On September 4 2011, David happily married Rafael Reyes. Rafael was born in La Piedad, Michoacán, Mexico. Rafael, 36 years old, is a creative and self-motivated individual. He is an admirable hard worker with a positive perspective on life who never sees anything as impossible.  In 2012, Rafael started learning basic sewing skills from his mother-in-law, Amparo Gonzalez.  David and Rafael started assisting Amparo in mending costumes. Both yearned to learn as much as possible, always motivated by their passion of putting garments together and restoring them back to their original state. It was then that they were given the chance to create new costumes for the dance company’s anniversary performance. This unique learning experience gave them the opportunity to take their passion to another level. In 2014, Rafael was asked to work with a local designer and this provided him with more hands-on experience.

David and Rafael frequently spoke about their shared goal, and that was to one day create their own fashion line, ReyesMorenoDesigns. In 2015 their dream came true and David and Rafael founded ReyesMorenoDesigns. Their work consisted of creating unique and detailed pieces for drag performers both local and throughout the United States, as well as for women who looked for unique dresses for social events.  In 2017, they were again asked to design and manufacture the costumes for The Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago’s 35th year anniversary performance. Then in 2018 Reyes Moreno designed and created its first ranchero style wedding and “quinceañera” collection. This collection is on sale at a local shop located on the famous 26th street in Little Village, Chicago. ReyesMorenoDesigns was also given the honor of designing a dress for one of Mexico’s top folk music performer, Beatriz Adriana and continue to work with rising artist and daughter of Beatriz Adriana and Marco Antonio Solis, Beatriz Solis by ebing asked to design gowns for her upcoming Ranchero album release.

ReyesMorenoDesigns is seeing an increased demand for all types of affairs, both artistic and social. Their styles fit the modern demands of not only their community but also other regions. One of their famous most requested styles includes the ‘ranchero” fashion. This fashion is a variation of folk wardrobe applied to evening, wedding, and quinceañera gowns. Their 2019 prom collection can be described as modern, exceptional, and incomparable.  The collection meets the demands of today’s youth by creating garments with glamour, charm, and high fashion.  

ReyesMorenoDesigns continue to work towards making their clients feel amazing by wearing exclusive designs, tailored to their fashion taste, modern demand and created to enhance their natural beauty.