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The Blonde Bliss

The Blonde Bliss


Sara Zavernik, 27 years old, was born and raised in Slovenia, Europe. Sara is a young entrepreneur, ex fashion editor and hat designer with a law degree. After studying her last year of law in France, she first moved to  Switzerland, than Germany, where her passion for fashion industry just got stronger and stronger. She returned back to her home country and decided to start her own business at the end of 2016. The first hat she ever created was made for herself for the fashion week season. After receiving many compliments about her hat, she decided that this is what she wants to do in her life.

After seeing how many people love hats and want to find something different for themselves, made her start considering, that she was the person that wanted to give that happiness to people. She decided to start a hat brand, The Blonde Bliss. She had NO knowledge about designing and especially NO knowledge in handcrafting hats, but decided to learn. She put her head down and started from 0 at the age of 24. She has spent hours and hours only looking and learning from a hat maker with 90 years of training. She destroyed (too) many hats at the beginning, but never allowed herself to give up. She was determined to do it for herself and for her grandmother, she says her  love for hats comes from her grandmother. Her grandmother always wore them with such a confidants and spark in her eyes. It was the only piece Sara remembered from her closet. They shared a love for them and after her grandmother's passing, it was a piece that always, in some way, made Sara feel more connected to her. Sara says. “If her designs can make her customers feel half of the love I have for them, my work is done.”

Every hat she creates has so much of her love and passion in it and every piece she sells is like giving away a part of her. That is how she knows, who ever wears it, will also be part of her story. There is never a moment when she doesn't get tears in her eyes when she talks about her love and passion for what she does. She will always be thankful to her grandmother and make her part of what Sara does. That is why she decided to invest into handcraft hats, an art that is slowly dying, and bring it into the future. For her it's about connecting the past and the future, about giving  back to the society by creating new jobs, and employing disabled people which is now almost 50% of employees.Sara was the first hat maker that was presented on Fashion weeks in Slovenia and Croatia in 2018.

The US has also identified The Blonde Bliss as a high potential organization. In 2017, The Blonde Bliss received an award from the American Embassy in Slovenia as one of the most promising startups established by women. In addition, World Chicago, a US State Department sponsored organization, recently awarded Sara a coveted professional fellowship for 2019 in the US. This fellowship is only given to four entrepreneurs per country—individuals identified as having the largest potential to make a difference in their home country and also the largest potential to expand in the US market.The Blonde Bliss is known for handcrafting every single piece, high quality materials, custom made designs, high-end pieces, unique colors and combinations. Creating collections, but also creating hats from scratch for each individual client, so they get exactly what they want. The Blonde Bliss continues to work towards making their clients feel amazing by wearing exclusive designs, tailored to their fashion taste,  modern demand and created to enhance their natural beauty.